Add-xJobLog -LogType “String” -Message “String”

Add a message to the Fusion Job Log.

The command works asynchronously so you can use the Fusion Job Log to monitor the progress of your script as it executes.

-LogType Argument Description
  • Information
Add an “Information” message. The output of the PowerShell command argument -WarningVarible is picked up when using the variable name xWarning. If a warning was issued by preceding PowerShell commands the -LogType “Information” argument will automatically convert into “Warning” and include the value from the $xWarning variable in the message.
  • Warning
Add a “Warning message.
  • Error
Add an “Error” message.
  • Exception
Add an “Error” message and automatically include any information in the PowerShell Exception Object.
  • Skip
Add an “Information” message and signal NOT to run any of the Components referenced in the Collection. This only has effect in “Script – Before”.
  • Finish
Add an “Information” message and finish the job without running any additional Components.

The Collection component reacts according to the Component setting for Warning and Error.

Add-xJobLog -LogType "Information" -Message "Something is going on .."

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