The Fusion Job Server can run components as scheduled Jobs.

The Job Server is installed automatically and uses the same repository configuration settings as the Fusion client program.

Job administration and monitoring is done remotely from the Job Monitor module in the Fusion Control Panel.

The Job Server starts/stops automatically when the Fusion client program starts/stops or runs in the background as an unattended Windows Service.
When running as an unattended Windows Service it runs independently of the Fusion client program running or not. The start/stop is then controlled by Windows Services.

Configuring the Job Server as an unattended Windows Service

  1. In the Fusion Control Panel switch to the Job Monitor module.
  2. Select the tab page Job Server Configuration
  3. Click the button Service Installation and specify account ect.

Windows Service Account (unattended Windows Service)

  • When the Job Server is running as Windows Service then the Windows Service Account specified in the Service configuration defines the access rights for Component jobs to both local and network resources (FileShares, Internet, etc.)
  • You can run the Job Server on a different account than the one your normal user Login account from where you typically ruin Fusion

Delete the Service
Fusion does not have a function to delete the Service but you can use this article that describes how to delete a Windows Service

Run a component in batch on the Job Server

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