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Module Type Version 12.05 August 16, 2021
SharePoint Enhancement Emoji support (❤️, copy paste emoji ). Item properties, including file and folder names can now contain Emojis. You can even query for items having a specific Emoji.
SharePoint Fixed Termstore: “Deprecated terms” are no longer fetched from SharePoint hence not displayed in the term-pick window
SharePoint Fixed Self Service Migration: Dynamic assignment of Manged Metadata having a default value if tag was not found failed.
Syntax: [MyTargetCol]=[MySourceCol];#Default:MyDefaultTerm
SharePoint Fixed FileTransport: Assigning multi value Lookup did not work correctly. In some cases found only every other lookup value.
SharePoint Fixed Multiple assignments to multi value lookup columns (>1 multi value column) could in some cases give a false warning in the job log.
SharePoint Fixed Site UR having a : to specify port number failed in FileTransport
SharePoint Behaviour User validation no longer use the “ALL USERS” list on a site for fallback user validation when EnsureUser fails.
DataTransport Fixed For-Each: data having ‘ (single apostrophe) caused expression error in calculation
FileTransport Enhancement SPO target – FileTransport: New option to allow any value in user columns like ModifiedBy, CreatedBy. This enables you to keep original user names (full name) while migrating files (and version history) even though the users don’t exist in the target environment. (for example when people are no longer in the company.) Also, you can use calculation to define the names or extract document properties from files on a FileShare and use that information in the ModifiedBy and CreatedBy.
To dynamically enable this feature you can use a Parameter in the default user specification having the value AcceptAllUsers@SharePoint
SharePoint Enhancement Term Store: When a Manged Metadata tag is not found the job will automatically refresh the local Term Store cache and try again. So now you can edit the term Store in SharePoint without having to refresh connections in Fusion.
You can disable the behaviour by selecting the below checkbox. That is relevant when you know that there will be tags that do not match and you dont want to wait for the termstore refresh.
[x] Disable automatic refresh of Term Store cache
Module Type Version 11.85
SharePoint Enhancement Connection: When updating password for at user then the password is updated for all connections having the same user.
DataTransport Enhancement Using “Custom CSV File” as source it is now OK if the source file does not exit and the Component just exists. This is useful when working with dynamically exported log files as input to a DataTransport
FileTransport Enhancement SharePoint: Support for locating Document Libraries incorrectly created in the ../Lists path.
DataTransport Fixed ForEach: a source columns having ' in the name for example Mother's Full-Maiden Name were causing the creation of the corresponding parameter multiple times
General UI Fixed When hovering the mouse over a component behind the current, that component is no longer brought into focus. Felt rather confusing
FileTransport Fixed SharePoint 2007: Failed when “include subfolders” was unchecked.
FileTransport Fixed SharePoint Online: When a username did not validate the line number and message text in the “File Reporting” could be wrong in some cases.
Database access Fixed Accessing multiple different databases from multipile concurrently running jobs could throw an exception saying that the data source could not be found.
Job Server Fixed When a repeating scheduled job was configured for deleting identical job logs it could sometimes delete a joblog that was not identical
SharePoint Fixed High machine workload could result in c# .Net engine failing and throwing a false exception “File xyz.xml is use by another process”
SharePoint Fixed SharePoint Online encryption failed to clean up temp encrypted files when a No-More-disk-space exception was thrown.
SharePoint Fixed SharePoint Online web login now only prompts once when testing connection allowing you to cancel the test more quickly.
SharePoint Fixed A list having a default value as a java script could make “refresh connection” fail.
SharePoint Fixed URLs containing ß failed to refresh.
SharePoint Fixed SharePoint 2007: In some cases the file name is not reported by the MOSS2007 server during “Refresh Connection”. Fusion now detects that and adds the column anyway (FileLeafRef).
Module Type Version 11.71 February 4, 2021
DataTransdport Enhancement The parameter [<DataTransportCount>] now holds the counter for a for-each loop. Very useful for naming files etc.
DataTransport Enhancement PowerAutomate – Cloud flow. You can force the JSON value for NULL in a String column to be “” instead of the defined JSON standard for null. if( IsNull([data],'null',[data]) when you return the string ‘null’ it will be converted into “”. This is useful to workaround a bug in the Power Automate Common Data Service regarding null values
DataTransport Enhancement PowerAutomate – Cloud flow.The IsNull() function is no now supported in expresions
DataTransport Fixed PowerAutomate – Cloud flow. Null values could clear all other values passed to flow
FileTransdport Fixed Version history did sometimes not copy correctly to SharePoint on-primeses 2016
Module Type Version 11.65 January 11, 2021
General Enhancement Based on enormous amounts of customer feedback we have worked tirelessly to fixed bugs and adapted to Office365 changes
FileTransport Enhancement Azure/O365 support rewritten to support unlimited file size and new API features.
FileTransport Enhancement 30% performance enhancement in preparing files for transfer
Module Type Version 11.31 July 1, 2020
FileTransport Enhancement Enhanced memory management for large sets of files (>200.000)
Module Type Version 11.27 June 1,2020
FileTransport Enhancement SharePoint Document Library located in ../Lists Using a Dynamic URL (like in Self Service) Fusion now supports any URL for where the doc lib is located. Some older 2010 and 2013 has been the victim of bad coding style and the libraries can have been placed “anywhere” like in ../Lists/
FileTransport Enhancement SharePoint Action Update Metadata Only now also updates Folder the properties: [Created] , [CreatedBy], [Modified], [ModifiedBy]
DataTransport Enhancement SharePoint: When updating many Items the canceling and feedback in the UI is improved.
Module Type Version 11.25 May 26, 2020
PowerShell Enhancement Updated documentation for the Fusion CMDLETs and new PnP PowerShell Resources article
FileTransport Enhancement SharePoint: Self Service Migration new auto uploaded report CheckedOutToOtherusersFiles
DataTransport Enhancement Concurrency when retrieving from CSV and Excel . Multiple jobs can now read the same file simultaneously. (Help to workaround some of the limitations in the Microsoft ODBC drivers)
Job Server Enhancement Max concurrent jobs increased to 100
SharePoint Enhancement Retrieve version history from SharePoint 2013 now does a much better job extracting as much as possible when the version history is corrupted for various reasons like bad data in the AD or bad server side code used historically for upload/update.
Job Log New Find box you can find an entry in the Job Log and jump between occurrences by using the up/down arrow keys. Pressing Enter will find the first occurrence. Notice that the find only takes place on the rows that are expanded. This enables you to better navigate very large sessions. To search the entire job log just click the Expand (+) button first.
Job Log New Button to resize the message-pane.
Job Log New Right-click Job Log row or message pane: Load Parameter Values Populates the logged Parameters with the logged values. This is extremely useful for job analysis and for repeating a particular parameterized setup. Notice that you can select multiple rows and load the Parameter values from all selected rows
Job Log Enhancement Message pane is now word-wrapping making it less necessary to resize for reading the entire message.
Job Log Enhancement Session name is now automatically saved. Save button removed.
Job Log Enhancement Data grid zooming. Use Ctrl-key with Mouse wheel to zoom.
Job Log Changed Shift+Click to calculate time span from current row to the row clicked.
Job Log Changed Message Tool Tip now includes Time span
SharePoint Enhancement Document Set support for Managed Metadata and Enterprise Keywords
SharePoint Enhancement Create List/Library The Internal Name and Title has been extended to support the maximum length allowed by SharePoint
PowerShell Enhancement PowerShell Script Syntax Validation Your script is now syntax validated to catch any typos. Line number and error message is reported to the Job Log
PowerShell Enhancement Line Number from PowerShell Exceptions: When PowerShell throws an exception Fusion reports to the Job Log the line number in your code where the exception was thrown.
Module Type Version 11.11 April 23, 2020
PowerShell Enhancement The Cmdlet Get-xParameter now supports Parameters of type password. Also, the password Parameters can also be used in SharePoint Connections and is supported in Connect-PnPOnline code generation.
DataTransport Enhancement Excel & CSV Source: The query criteria IN and NOT IN is now case insensitive.
Module Type Version 11.09 April 9, 2020
PowerShell Enhancement Fusion Parameters of Type password are now supported You can now use the Fusion Parameter type encrypted Password directly in Get-xParameter. Also supported when the password Parameter is used within a SharePoint Connection.
Job Log Enhancement Export job log reports to folder automatically at run-time. New properties for all components to specify if and where to export the job log reports during run-time. This is particularly useful for feeding back information to source systems about the success or failure of actions taken by any given component. This includes column level validation errors from Create/Update SharePoint List and Library Items.
Collection Enhancement PowerShell: The Cmdlet Get-xParameter is now adding a message to the Job Log Log to make it easier to track the Fusion Parameter values that your script is using.
Collection Enhancement SharePoint PnP provisioning: New parameterized argument “Owner” for optionally creating the target Site for your provisioning template.
Collection Enhancement SharePoint PnP provisioning: The Provisioning Template Editor can now select a <Tag>...<Tag/> block using r-click and the toolbar. This makes it much easier to select the block in the XML template without having to manually find start and end
Collection Enhancement UI -the tab-pages have been reordered to reflect the run-time execution sequence.
Module Type Version 11.03 April 5, 2020
FileTransport New SharePoint: CheckedOutFiles.txt report holds details about files that are Checked-Out on either the source or the target.
DataTransport Enhancement SharePoint: Create/Update Item now supports Column level error handling of validation rules defined on the List/Library Column.
Collection New PowerShell: Support for the PnP Provisioning Framework.
Collection Enhancement PowerShell: The Fusion Cmdlet xAdd-JobLog now has a new argument: -LogType "exception". When used in a catch{} section the messages in the thrown exception object is added to the Fusion Job Log along side your own message.
Collection Enhancement PowerShell: The output of the command argument -WarningVarible is now picked up by the Cmdlet xAdd-JobLog when using the variable name xWarning. If a warning was issued by the preceding PowerShell command the next xAdd-JobLog -LogType "Information" will automatically convert into a Job Log Warning and include the value from the $xWarning variable.
Collection Enhancement PowerShell: Cmdlets writes feedback to the Console making it easier to monitor and debug scrips in ISE.
Collection Enhancement *PowerShell Cmdlet documentation
Module Type Version 10.70 GA, February 1, 2020
DataTransport Enhancement Excel Source – major update. Excel Workbook is now interfaced like a database where sheets and tables inside the Workbook becomes «Read-only virtual database tables».
You can then extract data using the «super simple UI» for single table query with criteria either hard-coded or Parameterized. Or you can use the full blown SQL UI with support for aggregation functions and joining of tables and sheets etc. In other words, just like a native database.
SharePoint Enhancement Create SharePoint List/Library now supports auto mapping of source columns to the new Target List/Library where the Target columns are renamed or has site columns selected instead.
FileTransport New New option for Update-Metadata-Only «Overwrite latest» for Target Libraries having minor versioning or approval enabled without changing Modified and ModifiedBy or creating new versions. This is supported on SharePoint Online only (O365)
FileTransport Enhancement When converting List Items with Attachments into Document Sets you can now use the the column [File Type] in expressions to dynamically decide if the metadata should be applied to The Document Set and/or the individual files.
FileTransport Enhancement Assigning metadata to Document Sets created using the colon syntax in the Target folder field (MyDocSetContentType:MyDocSet) is now supported by specifying 0 (zero) in the ContentTypeID column assignment. For example MyDocSetContentType:0 The zero points to the root namely the DocSet created based on the Target folder field.
Module Type Version 10.61 GA, January 2020
Office365 Enhancement New authentication type: «Web Login» Fusion just “pickup” the SharePoint Connection from your browser session. It supports Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) and ADAL etc.
DataTransport & FileTransport Enhancement SharePoint: Convert List Items with attachments into Document Library Items in dynamically created folders or dynamically created Document Sets.
  • Attachment becomes the file in the Document Library Item.
  • Multiple attachments in same List item becomes multiple Items in the Document Library.
  • All List Item columns can be used directly as metadata and/or used in calculated metadata.
  • Multiple identical filenames can be handled by dynamically using item column data to define target folder or to concatenate with attachment filename.
  • Attachment properties [Created] and [CreatedBy] are available and can be mapped to the Document Library Item.
  • All incremental FileTransport Target actions are supported.
  • All the Dynamic URL stuff is fully supported, making it possible to distribute the Item Attachments across different folders in same Document Library, different Libraries on same or different Sites/Site Collections.
  • You do it using a simple construct of a DataTransport Component where you have the List with the attachments as source and in the For-Each-Row Target call a FileTransport Component. In the FileTransport Source use any SharePoint Document Library using the same SharePoint Connection as the Target and in the field Redirect to URL select the Parameter [<#Attachment URL>] (Remember to select the column in the DataTransport Source)
FileTransport Enhancement Create Document Sets based on any data source including CSV, Excel, SQL and other SharePoint List. You can now use a For-Each DataTransport Component and call a FileTransport Component to create Document Sets based on any data source
FileTransport Enhancement Paste Document Set Content Type New right-click menu option on SharePoint Target Folder to paste a Document Set Content Type. That makes it much easier to set up a FileTransport Component to dynamically create Document Sets, for example based on a For-Each Data Transport reading name and metadata from CSV, SQL or another SharePoint List.

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