Read CSV file and update SharePoint, Database, LOB systems or the Internal XRM data store.

Write CSV file with data sets retrieved from more than 40 data sources.

SELECT data set with powerful criteria from CSV file. Then use it to CREATE or UPDATE Items in SharePoint and records i other data sources.
You can even use the data set as creteria for DELETE operations. For example retrieve ID for records from one system and delete related content elsewhere.

CREATE/APPEND CSV files with data sets retrieved from data sources including SharePoint, Databases and other CSV files.

You can stage the retrieved data set in the built-in XRM database.
In the XRM database, data can be viewed, enriched form other data source or manually updated.
(What is XRM)

Key features
  • Visual preview with select/deselect, of source data and target action.
  • Dynamic parameterized Filters to select only relevant rows.
  • Performa calculations and even lookup data from other files or databases row-by-row.
  • Preserve or set timestamps on target SharePoint Items
Fusion use cases.

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