Allows you to automatically run tasks multiple times with different input data/parameters. (Data Driven Automation – one by one)

No Programming Skills Required.
(The profound difference in productivity.)

Perform tasks For Each instance in input Data Set

  • Document or Folder in SharePoint Library.
  • Item in SharePoint List.
  • Site in SharePoint Site Collection.
  • File or Folder in FileShare.
  • Line in CSV file.
  • Row in Excel Table or Sheet.
  • Row in Database Table or SQL Select.
  • Master Data (Customers, Products, Employees, etc.)
  • Row in OData/WebService result set.

All column values in context of each iteration are dynamically available as task Parameters.
Parameters have built-in Excel-style calculations to transform the value when used in tasks.
(Like a dynamic function being called, whenever a Parameter value is retrieved by a task.)

The input Data Sets them selves can be Parametrized.
(Dynamic selection criteria for CSV files, SharePoint Lists, Excel Tables and SQL queries.)
- Data Sets can even be nested – e.g. Generated one-by-one based on another Data Set.

Data Driven Subscriptions Subscribe to a task set by adding/updating File/Item/Row/etc
Logging Extensive logging is performed for detailed analysis, tracing and audit reporting. (real-time or archived)
Batch Job Once configured – job is ready for scheduled execution using the Built-in Batch Server.
Do more with SharePoint than you ever thought possible – safely and at high speed
Migrate/Replicate File Shares at high speed – - – Replicate Documents at high speed – - – Update metadata – - – Create/Update Items – - – Delete/Archive Items and Documents – - – Site Provisioning and Site Streamlining – - – Excel Refresh/Push/Pull – - – Integrate bidirectionally with any data source – - – Invoke jobs from PowerShell or call PS code conditionally. – - – CSV files integrated like a database table

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