Collect and stage data in the built-in XRM database.

The included Master Data Management allows you to merge and manage many different Data Sets from SharePoint, Databases, Excel, CSV etc.
You can analyze, aggregate and create dynamically selected sub sets of combined data. The DataTransport Component can then, in turn, use the data sets for Data Driven Automation (For-Each-Row) or to Create, Update, Delete Items/Rows in SharePoint Lists, Excel Tables, Database Tables, CSV files etc.

While data and files can “travel” directly between data sources, you also have the option to stage data in the built-in XRM customizable database. (What is XRM)

From here your data can be analyzed, edited and aggregated.
You then transfer the refined data to target systems or reports .

The XRM database just acts as a “visual smart” data source or target,
that you can deploy as an easy to use Operational Data Store.

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Fusion use cases.

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