This Data Transport Target sends E-Mails

Merge variables
Any data Source can be used as merge variables mixed with Fusion Parameters.
Merge variables can be calculated and mix data Source columns with parameters in the calculations.
Any part of the E-Mail can contain one or more data Source variables and Parameters.
(From,To,Cc,Bcc,Subject, Body)

Any supported connector or just Parameters can generate the Source data set
Connectors include SharePoint, CSV, SQL Server, ODBC, MS Flow etc.

E-Mail Body
The generated body of the E-Mail is HTML. The editor supports embedded graphics as well as links to web pages.

When running the Component interactively you can preview the Source data set as well as the final merge result before sending the E-Mail. Test mode is also supported.
While in preview you can also open the individual HTML bodies to verify how the merged E-Mail is looking and how the calculations pan out.

Job Log
All information including calculated columns is logged except current Parameter values and the resulting HTML E-Mail body.

Send E-Mail (Server support)
All options supports embedded graphics etc.

  • Microsoft Outlook (Also with maximum security enabled)
  • Microsoft Office 365 (SMTP)
  • General SMTP (Supports SSL and TLC encryption)

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