SharePoint column assignments can be skipped on a per Item,per column basis. This is done by assigning the columns a special value returned by the below system functions in an expression.
Note that the data type must match in your expression.

This feature can be very useful for example to do a conditional update of a price column if the new value is blank or zero.

Function name Value representation
SkipString(‘My reason’) skip!
SkipNumber(‘My reason’) -165295690163683
SkipDate(‘My reason’) 02-02-1900
  • Notice that the format depends on the local date settings
SkipDateTime(‘My reason’) 02-02-1900 00:00:01
  • Notice that the format depends on the local DateTime settings

This technique applies to updating and creating List and Library Items.

You may also just assign the Value representation in valorous rules.

If( [data] = 'abc' , SkipString('My reason') , [data] )

If( [data] < 1 or IsNull([data]) , SkipNumber('My reason') , [data] )

If( IsNull([data]) or [data] = DateTime('8-1-2020 13:47:21') , SkipDateTime('My reason') , [data] )

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