When running Excel jobs from the Job Server installed as a Windows Service you might run into different errors where Excel cannot function. The issue is a limitation imposed by Microsoft and it is not specific to Fusion. This applies to any program type including c#, VB, PowerShell etc. that uses OLE Automation.

There are many different solutions/configurations.
Please be EXTREMELY careful when modifying the windows configuration.
Here is the most common solution – Please note that it does NOT work for all configurations. So you have to experiment a bit.

Step 1.
Open Component Services (Start -> Run, type in dcomcnfg)
Drill down to Component Services -> Computers -> My Computer and click on DCOM Config

Step 2.
Right-click on Microsoft Excel Application and choose Properties.

  • If you dont see Microsoft Excel yiou might be running 32 bit Office. Then use this command line to start the “Component Services” comexp.msc /32

Edit the user setting. Sometimes “The interactive user” works, sometimes “The user”.

Step 3
Make sure the following folders exists.

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