h3.Work with SharePoint List & Library Items and data from CSV, Database and Excel Excel

Perform actions bidirectionally : • Read • Create • Update • Delete/Recycle • Looping (For-Each .. do this and that)

Read/Write data bidirectionally : • SharePoint Lists & Libraries • CSV/TXT files • Databases (SQL Server, Access, MySQL, Generic ODBC etc.) • Excel • MS Flow

Use filters and parameters for your actions.

*Run you job (Component) interactively Step-By-Step, as a separate task or scheduled
with support for recurrence on the built in Job Server*

Connectors to ERP/CRM and Databases.

“Source” defines the data set used as input for the selected action on the “Target”.
  • SharePoint List or Library Items.
  • Database result set (SQL Select.)
  • CSV/TAB delimited text file.
  • Third party CRM/ERP/XML etc.
“Target” is where the actions are performed, using the source data set as variables.
(Other Components can be called for each source row.)
  • Database.
    Insert, Update, Delete SQL statements uses the source data fields as bind-variables and is executed once per. row in the data set.
  • CSV/TAB delimited text file._
    The complete source data set Creates or replaces the “Target” file.
  • Third party CRM/ERP/XML etc.
How to copy data from database to database
How to preserve the values in [Modified] & [Modified By] during update of List Items and Document metadata.

System Parameters
When the component starts, the system Parameter [<<SessionDateTimeNow>>] is updated.
If the job completes with no errors (or within the allowed threshold) the system Parameter
[<<SessionDateTimeLast>>] is updated to the value of and [<<SessionDateTimeNow>>], otherwise it is unchanged.

These 2 timestamps can be used as arguments for incremental jobs in SQL statements, SharePoint filters and file selection filters.
Please note that the the value of the 2 parameters is local to the Component in context. All Components that are executed has their own set of values except when referenced from within a Collection.

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