A filter that specifies what files & folders to process.
This filter is evaluated Client-Side and enables multiple advanced matching expressions not available in traditional wild card specifications or SharePoint CAML query.

Include Include files/folders that matches the condition. All other files are filtered out
Include+ Multiple conditions specify different sets of files/folders to include. Ona match in an Include+ condition includes the file/folder.
Exclude Filters out all files/folders that matched the condition.

The sequence of the conditions are of no importance, as all conditions must be met.

Example 1
All files files that contains “err” or “test” in the file name are included except XML files.

Example 2
The folders “c:\accounting\Budget 2010” & “c:\accounting\Budget 2011” after are excluded.
And all folders having “payroll” as part of the path string is also excluded.

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