No 5k Threshold Limit. No column indexing. No Special views.
No Coding. No CAML syntax. Simple to use!

Save your parametrized Queries as Componets, and reuse ad hoc or in automated tasks.

Transfer Query result set to:
  • Screen – interactive filtering, sorting and export.
  • CSV/TXT File. (Named file or auto generated)
  • Excel Table within existing XLSX File.
  • Auto generated Excel Table or Sheet.
  • SharePoint List or Library. Create, Update, Delete Items based on values in result set.
  • Database Table. Create, Update, Delete rows based on values in result set ( Optional bind to parameterized SQL Statement. )
  • Combine (join) multiple result sets from different SharePoint Sites/Lists as one, using the built in Master Data Management engine.
Query All versions of SharePoint & Office 365
  • Recursive queries (across all subfolders)
  • No-Coding (Encapsulated CAML – No need to write criteria code.)
  • Export generated CAML query syntax.
  • Sorting and custom filtering not supported by native CAML.
  • Custom column ordering for output & export.
  • Convert Lookup values to text or output including ID
  • Convert Managed Metadata to Text
  • Convert Rich Text/HTML to text.
Query Criteria
  • And & Or conditions.
  • All CAML operators supported =>, >, =, <, <=, BeginsWith, Contains
  • IN & NOT IN conditions. Retrieve Items where the value in a given column exists or not exists within a list of values.
  • Content-Type name or GUID
  • Managed Metadata – Criteria using Term Label
  • Expressions like ‘Today -60’
  • Lookup Columns supported. Query using the Lookup display value or the ID.
  • Null values and ‘Empty string*

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