Fusion can work with all standard or custom SharePoint Lists & Libraries associated with any given Microsoft Team

For example this means that Fusion can do conditional migration or do 1-way or 2-way synchronization of documents to/from any associated Document Library including the default ‘Documents’ with any SharePoint Library on any platform (on-prem/365) or FileShare.

Version history and all column types including Managed Metadata, Content-Type and Lookup are supported.

External data (SQL Server, CSV, Excel REST, etc..) can be integrated as well. Including conditional updates to calendars and task lists etc.

Restructuring: Column values on Lists and Document Libraries can be conditionally manipulated without creating new versions or overwriting Modified/ModifiedBy. Even the content-type can be changed.

Archiving/maintenance: Conditionally delete or move documents and other data to online archive or local storage.

Conditionally Loop through hundreds or thousands of individual Microsoft Teams
  • Reporting
  • Sending emails
  • Data transformation/restructuring/archiving/maintenance
  • Data integration
  • Document replication/migration.
  • Trigger automated MS Flows with parameters
The “feed or set of Teams URLs and parameters for the actions can originate form any data source. including: SQL Server, SharePoint Lists, CSV files, Excel tables/sheets, REST endpoints, Results from invocation of automated MS Flows
You can flip the input and loop through any data source to conditionally distribute files and data Lists & Libraries on individual Microsoft Teams etc.

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