Rename existing files or as they are copied/moved to SharePoint, FTP, Network share or local drive.

  • Preview the proposed renaming actions before they are committed.
  • Test-Run supported, with full reporting.
  • Persist the Modified & ModifiedBy values when source and target is identical.

You can use wildcards in [<<Rename file>>]
Setting it to *_2.* will rename all files to have _2 suffix before the extension

Example 2.
In this example an expression is used to prefix the filename with ‘my prefix_’ and the original filename minus the first 3 characters.
Notice the many available functions in the r-click menu.

Example 2b.
The expression can also return a wildcard specification.
So in this example all files with the extension .txt will be prefixed with “text_”. Files with the extension .xml will be prefixed with “xml_”.
All other files will be renamed to have the extension .bak”.

Example 3.
Also you can use the non-programming Rules to get the same result. There are many advanced Rules and they can even be combined with one or more expressions.

  • The first rule the the renaming part of the filename from character position 4
  • The second rule adds the prefix to the filename

Notice the test value and se how the value changes as the rules are applied.

The comprehensive list of available rules.

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