Fusion can not migrate a BLOG site directly from one Site to another in one go.

However you can migrate most of the content step by step .

Follow these steps:

  • Copy the files in the Document Libraries.
    Make a note of the relative URL’s for example:
    /SourceSite/Lists/Photos and /TargetSite/Lists/Photos
  • Copy the Items from the Lookup Lists like Category
  • Copy the Items in the Posts List and make sure you map the Lookups correct.
    Important: In the Body column replace the relative URL’s pointing to files in the source site’s Document Library.
    Example: /SourceSite/Lists/Photos/ => /TargetSite/Lists/Photos/
    the replacement can be done using a “Replace Rule” in the column assignment calculation.
    If you omit this replacement then the pictures etc. will not display within the BLOG Posts.

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