Features implemented for next GA release August 1, 2021

Module Type Version 12.00 August 1, 2021
DataTransport Fixed For-Each: data having ‘ (single apostrophe) caused expression error in calculation
FileTransport Enhancement SPO target – FileTransport: New option to allow any value in user columns like ModifiedBy, CreatedBy. This enables you to keep original user names (full name) while migrating files (and version history) even though the users don’t exist in the target environment. (for example when people are no longer in the company.) Also, you can use calculation to define the names or extract document properties from files on a FileShare and use that information in the ModifiedBy and CreatedBy.
To dynamically enable this feature you can use a Parameter in the default user specification having the value AcceptAllUsers@SharePoint
SharePoint Enhancement Term Store: When a Manged Metadata tag is not found the job will automatically refresh the local Term Store cache and try again. So now you can edit the term Store in SharePoint without having to refresh connections in Fusion.
You can disable the behaviour by selecting the below checkbox. That is relevant when you know that there will be tags that do not match and you dont want to wait for the termstore refresh.
[x] Disable automatic refresh of Term Store cache

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