Features implemented for next GA release April 2021

Module Type Version 11.79 April 2021
DataTransport Enhancement Using “Custom CSV File” as source it is now OK if the source file does not exit and the Component just exists. This is useful when working with dynamically exported log files as input to a DataTransport
FileTransport Enhancement SharePoint: Support for locating Document Libraries incorrectly created in the ../Lists path.
Database access Fixed Accessing multiple different databases from multipile concurrently running jobs could throw an exception saying that the data source could not be found.
Job Server Fixed When a repeating scheduled job was configured for deleting identical job logs it could sometimes delete a joblog that was not identical
SharePoint Fixed High machine workload could result in c# .Net engine failing and throwing a false exception “File xyz.xml is use by another process”
SharePoint Fixed SharePoint Online encryption failed to clean up temp encrypted files when a No-More-disk-space exception was thrown.
SharePoint Fixed SharePoint Online web login now only prompts once when testing connection allowing you to cancel the test more quickly.
SharePoint Fixed A list having a default value as a java script could make “refresh connection” fail.
SharePoint Fixed URLs containing ß failed to refresh.

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