Convert files into PDF when copied or moved using FileTransport

All you have to do is to enable it!

Supported Source/Target
  • Copy/Move from FileShare to SharePoint
  • Copy/Move from SharePoint to SharePoint
  • Copy/Move from SharePoint To FileShare
  • Copy/Move from FileShare To FileShare

The SharePoint Document Library Item version history is also converted while preserving all metadata data values.

Using the “Move” option and the same SharePoint Library as Source and Target will effectively convert the existing files into PDF including the version history.

Automation example
This enables you to download files using criteria from a Document Library (or attachments from list items), convert them into PDF and attach them to a nice e-mail.
And you could also use the DataTransport DISTINCT option in combination with For-Each to send only 1 e-mail with multiple PDF attachments.

Supported file types using the Stabndard PDF conversion driver

Requires Microsoft Office installed
  • doc,docx, xls,xlsx,ppt, pptx
Built-in support (Graphics files)
  • bmp, emf, gif, jpeg, jpg, png, wmf
  • tif, tiff (Milti Page files are not supported.)

3-party PDF conversion drives can be used on request to handle other file formats or enhance the output.

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