Function reference
Finds one string within another string.

Pos ( string1, string2 {, start } )

Argument Description
string1 The string in which you want to find string2.
string2 The string you want to find in string1.
start (optional) A long indicating where the search will begin in string. The default is 1.

Data type: Long
Returns a long whose value is the starting position of the first occurrence of string2 in string1 after the position specified in start. If string2 is not found in string1 or if start is not within string1, Pos returns 0.

The Pos() function is case sensitive.

Example 1
This expression returns the position of the letter a in the value of [data]
Pos(‘[data]’, “a”)

Example 2
This expression returns 6:
Pos(‘BABE RUTH’, ‘RU’)

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