“Task Configurations” saved within the repository database.

Examples of component use:
  • Conditionally migrate/synchronize FileShares to SharePoint (with folders or flattened)
  • Replicate files, Items/records conditionally and incrementally between environments. (SharePoint Libraries, FileShares, Databases, OData, Business Applications)
  • Archiving based on business rules.
  • Delete ROT files and data (Redundant Obsolete Trivial) based on business rules
  • Managed Metadata tagging

Each component has a type defining its functionality like :

  • File Transport
    Copy, Move, Delete files
  • Data Transport
    Create, Update, Delete actions on SharePoint List & Libraries or Databases,
  • Collection
    Combining multiple components into one composite job etc.

Components can reference other components and be reused in multiple combinations.

Calculations and data transformation logic is defined within each component and can conditionally reference program parameters.

You run then manually step-by-step or as a batch job on the built-in Batch Server.

To run a Component as a batch job, select the menu “Tools >> Run as batch job” or click the Toolbar button.
You can monitor job progress in real time by opening the Job log viewer

To view scheduled jobs see Batch job monitor

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