Before a value is updated on SharePoint, it is validated.
The validation is also performed when “Test-Run” is executed.
InvalidData.txt Report is embedded in the Job Log

Fusion supports the following SharePoint column types:

Type Validation
Single line of text Data is truncated at 255 characters.
Multiple lines of text No validation
Choice No validation. Multiple choices are separated by ; or ;#
Number Validated to be a numeric value.
Currency Validated to be a numeric value.
Date and Time Validated to be a valid date and time.
Lookup Validated to be a value that exists. Site column lookups are also supported. Multiple values are separated by ;# or ; Read more
Yes/No Validated to be a boolean value (Yes,No,True,False,On,Off,1,0)
Person or Group Validated for existence in SharePoint. Multiple users are separated by ;# or ;
Hyperlink Not validated
Enterprise Keywords Validated and transformed into the format SharePoint accepts.Remove illegal charterers. Keywords are automatically added to the SharePoint Term Store
Managed Metadata Terms are validated for existence.

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