Site/List/Library provisioning made easy!
- With optional immediate file & data upload.

Effectively enabling you to do all the steps involved in provisioning of complete SharePoint Sites or individual Lists/Libraries and transfer files/data without complex and error-prone scripts.

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Main features
  • Create PnP Provisioning Templates. Use simple “check-boxes” to specify what Site artifacts to extract from any given site you want and use as complete or partial template. Effectively encapsulating the PnP PowerShell cmdlet Get-PnPProvisioningTemplate.
  • Smart Edit” of the provisioning XML document inside the provisioning template file (.pnp) with easy navigation between the Site artifacts and simple insertion of parameters.
  • Apply PnP Provisioning Templates with parameters to any given number of Sites. Use simple “check-boxes” to specify what Site artifacts to include.
    Effectively encapsulating of the PnP PowerShell cmdlet Apply-PnPProvisioningTemplate.
  • Immediate transfer of Data to the newly provisioned Site/Lists from Excel, CSV, SQL or other SharePoint Lists from any version of SharePoint.
  • Immediate upload of Files to the newly provisioned Site/Document Libraries from FileShares or any SharePoint Document Libraries from any version of SharePoint.
    This one feature requires license.
The implementation is 100% true to the architecture of the PnP Provisioning Framework.
You can take full control of the 15 lines of PowerShell code generated “behind the scenes” while still leveraging all the productivity features and significant performance enhancements Fusion provides.
  • Parameters: You can use Fusion Parameters for everything inside the provisioning template. (Site Title, List Title, List URL, Column names etc.)
  • Loop and Parameter input from Excel, CSV, SQL and SharePoint Lists: You can use the DataTransport Component to initiate provisioning on multiple sites based on source values dynamically applied to the provisioning template and target Site URL etc.
  • Tracking and logging: The tightly integrated Fusion PowerShell cmdlets records all the provisioning activity and feeds it into the easy to view and analyse Job Log. This gives you real-time overview and insight into the provisioning taking place.
  • Performance: You can run multiple provisioning jobs in parallel gaining significant performance improvement when provisioning many sites. All the tracking and analysis features also run in parallel giving you overview and insight into the different concurrently running provisioning jobs.

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