With Fusion you can significantly reduce the economic investment as well as risk and complexity of PowerShell development for SharePoint.

Less or no Programming. Faster results for all your SharePoint Solutions

Do more with Files & Data than ever before.
Data Driven Automation made simple.

The included Master Data Management allows you to merge and manage many different Data Sets from SharePoint, Databases, Excel, CSV etc.
Profound Productivity! 25 examples – Get the job done! Predictable, Safe and Fast!

Key areas of functionality (1-Slide)
  • Use data bidirectionally from any data source with List & Library items. (Excel, CSV, Databases, SharePoint Lists or Web Services.
  • Site Provisioning: Streamline Sites from a master site. (Look, Security, Lists and Libraries – Uses the PnP Provisioning Engine.)

25 Application examples. – What can Fusion do for me?

  • 100% client-side. Installs in 5 min. No SharePoint Admin needed.
  • No coding required, optional SQL and PowerShell. Simple Excel style calculations.

Fusion creates reusable automation components.
The automation components can run singular or grouped together in a collection
- Manually with action-preview or as timer jobs on the built-in Batch Server.
Full audit and real-time monitoring is provided.

How it works: You set Source & Target in a reusable automation component.
Then you run the component visually step-by-step or schedule it as a batch job on the built-in Batch Server. Multiple automation components can be combined and parameterized, to define sets of automation steps.

Test-run allows jobs to run and log all actions, without committing them.
This gives insight into results from calculations and estimated performance.

The built-in XRM database is designed for “no-coding” Data staging and Master Data Management

Fusion use cases.

Download Fusion trial here or purchase the full product here.

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