Fusion fully supports the use of the SharePoint Document Id service

When copying or moving documents between Libraries you can include the
column [Document ID Value] which will generate/persist the URL to the document.
Also, you can create your own custom named/meaningful Document ID URLs by assigning the name you want to the SharePoint column [Document ID Value]

If you have multiple Documents with the same Document ID Value hence the same URL, SharePoint conveniently displays an overview of documents with the same name when you are requesting the document using the Document ID URL

Important: When you are creating your own custom Document ID Value or just copying a document while persisting it’s Document ID Value – SharePoint will have to crawl the Site in order to resolve URLs before the links will work. In O365, Microsoft typically crawls everything within 1 hour. But it may take longer even though you are explicitly requesting the crawl.
Manually request crawling and re-indexing of a site, a library or a list

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