Flow and SharePoint – Things to be aware of

When Flow needs a developer .. Fusion lets you continue with No-Code
- Performance, Keep Modified/ModifiedBy, Trigger Lookups and set Managed Metadata via Label.
  • Update List & Library Items – Keep the values in Modified ModifiedBy
  • Libraries: Copy/Move many documents on same or different SharePoint platform.
  • FileShares: Copy/Move many documents to/from SharePoint
  • Sync data from Databases with SharePoint Lists and Libraries (Create/Update/Delete Items)
  • Update document metadata from databases and keep Modified/ModifiedBy
  • Access data in SharePoint on-premises 2007, 2010
  • Access databases, files, and SharePoint on-premises without any gateway
  • When Flow gets too complex working with arrays and expressions
  • Visual data selection an transformation preview. Lets you see your input data and how it is transformed before applied to the target.
  • Logging of all activity including input and output data and information on each item operation. Also works as a real-time monitor of job progress
Performance (x9 – x135) … Keep Modified/ModifiedBy. Update special columns dynamically using the Label (Lookups, Managed Metadata, People). Extensive audit and tracking.

Fusion works with all versions of Flow and SharePoint
- Flows can invoke Fusion Jobs and Flows can be invoked from Fusion Jobs
- The Fusion No-Code environment installs locally on any laptop/server and needs no gateway
- High performance using: SharePoint 07;10;13;16, O365, FileShares, ODBC, SQL, CSV, Excel

Tasks where Flow is really good and a cost-effective choice over most other technologies
  • Reacting to an event in SharePoint like Item Created or Updated
  • Approval workflows
  • Item Create/Update/Copy/Delete on one or a few Items in the context of the Flow user
  • Low volume integration of other resources/programs with SharePoint
Tasks where Flow is less efficient Call Fusion from any edition of Flow and extend its capabilities
Performance Not fast when working with more than 250 Items.
Update List and Library Items Unable to persist or set Modified, ModifiedBy. Any update action on List/Library Items will set Modified to Current-Date-Time and ModifiedBy to the current Flow user. In other words audit trail about who updated the item and when is lost!

When Update/Create Items in SharePoint is to slow with Flow – Then Go Fusion

DataTransport Flow Target: HTTP POST – with JSON Request Body
  • Call Microsoft Flow
  • Call Azure Logic Apps
  • Call Azure functions
JSON Request Body is dynamically constructed based on:
  • Fusion Parameters
  • DataTransport source – supports calculations
The HTTP RESPONSE object is imported into a Fusion System Parameter and can be used in any calculation and even as Source in another DataTransport Component.



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