Add high-performance BULK actions and easy automation for SharePoint Lists & Libraries
Designed from the ground up for SharePoint. Office 365 and On-Prem 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016

High-performance BULK actions on SharePoint Lists and Libraries
  • Create/Update/Delete List & Library Items – use data from Flow, other SharePoint Lists, SQL, Excel tables/ranges, CSV or JSON smartly serialized
  • Copy/Move Document Items and associated metadata to other Libraries or FileShares
  • Upload or download from/to FileShares with all attributes intact including Created/Modified
Smart logic with Item query parameters:
  • Update existing Items and create Items that does not exist (custom existence condition)
  • Create Items only if it does not exist (custom existence condition)
  • Copy files incrementally (condition based on Modified and custom filters)
Updating special SharePoint columns made effortless
  • Keep values in Created, CreatedBy, Modified, ModifiedBy
  • Keep or increment Document Version
  • Apply Lookup dynamically by Lookup Label – Independent of Lookup Item ID in lookup List
  • Apply Managed Metadata dynamically by Term Label – Independent of GUID in Termstore
  • Apply Content-Type dynamically by Label – Independent of GUID in Site Collection
Special column types automatically handled:
  • Created, CreatedBy, Modified, ModifiedBy
  • Lookup
  • Managed Metadata
  • Content-Type
  • User/Group
Use Fusion for repetitive or one-off tasks. Stand-alone or with Flow
  • Perform actions stand-alone with Fusions interactive data previews or as scheduled job.
  • Run Fusion job to perform BULK actions (pass in parameters and /or data set)
  • Run Flow from Fusion Jobs and include dataset from SP 2007..O365, SQL, JSON, CSV. Run Flow on job completion for notification, approval or, further processing
Performance matters – Complete the job within the hour .. not tomorrow:
  • x8 – x134 Flow
  • x3 – x20 PowerShell/c#
  • x2 – x10 on content migration for any other tool
  • Smart-Logic to quickly set up common configurations like: Update if exists, else Create
  • Iterate over an array of data from Flow or other data source with for example SourceURL and TargetURL to control file movement across Libraries on same or different SharePoint platform (O365, 07, 10, 13, 16)
  • Built-in Job Server that runs as an unattended Windows Service on any machine
Other cool No-Code Fusion stuff
  • Track and monitor extensive detail and progress on all Job actions. Analyze input/output data transformation – across multiple automation actions
  • Maintenance: Little to no dependence on Fusion Job author and no black-box code
  • Build composite Fusion Jobs with easy to use Smart logic for iterating input data set
  • Installs locally on any machine or server. 100% client side – apps or other server side installations
  • Easy use complex JSON arrays from Flow



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